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The Foundation School


Sparrow Foundation School offers accredited teaching from Grade 1 to 7. The Foundation School, an independent LSEN primary school, forms part of Sparrow Schools Educational Trust, founded by Jackie in 1992 as a response to the demand for specialised, learner-centred education for children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as those with remedial needs.

We offer affordable, quality special needs education to learners unable to access specialised services, given the rising cost of remedial teaching and learning facilities.

Among the services available to learners at the Foundation School are onsite speech therapists, a social worker, counselors, a remedial therapist and an educational psychologist who work in conjunction with educators in order to provide a holistic teaching and learning environment that values emotional growth alongside academic development. The Christian framework under which the school operates ensures that learners can feel grounded and supported within a loving environment.

Principal: Leona Krishna – 011 482 3520