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B-BBEE – Our Values


Discover an organisation committed to delivering training with integrity and value.

When engaging in a pitch process, B-BBEE certificates are an essential part of a company’s credentials. B-BBEE credentials can often make or break the success of a company. Knowledge of B-BBEE, and the amended codes is vital to a company’s long term B-BBEE strategy. Sparrow Schools Educational Trust and Sparrow FET College provide reliable and valuable solutions across the board. We can help you to to get more benefits from:

  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development
  • Preferential Procurement
  • Socio-economic Development and Corporate Social Investment

Skills Development

Select one of the many accredited training programmes at our FET College for assistance with your skills development spend:

  • Qualify for SD points
  • Spend the required % of your Annual Payroll


Enterprise and Supplier Development

We can assist you with preferential Procurement, Enterprise & Supplier Development.

  • Skills Development – 20 POINTS
  • Supplier & Enterprise Development – 40 POINTS
  • Socio-Economic Development – 5 POINTS

To maximize your spend call our Sales Consultants – 011 482 1015
To partner with us call us on 011 673 4410
To host our learners call us on 011 673 4410
If you would like to employ our learners call us on 011 673 4410