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From Grade 1 to 9…

We offer remedial and special needs education from grade 1 to grade 9. Sparrow Foundation School offers accredited teaching from grades 1 to 7.

Sparrow Combined School offers accredited grades 8 and 9. Our schools offer a nationally-compliant CAPS curriculum. Adapted for Learners With Special Educational Needs (LSEN)


We teach towards potential, while always considering individual learning difficulties. By adapting pace and content, the learner is able to experience holistic growth as student and individual.

A Space for Every Pace

A Space For Every Pace…

By offering two learning streams, we accommodate a wider range of special learning needs. Each stream provides purpose-built learning space where learners are placed based on their individual pace and skill set.

Standardised Recognised


We assess every applicant to see where their needs would be best met. Our assessments use standardised and recognised tests and tools, providing you with more information on where your child would learn best.

Support behond the classrom

Support Beyond
The Classroom…

We have a full-time team of professional therapists who support, counsel and assist learners who need a hand. This ensures the learner gets what is needed, both inside and outside the classroom.

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